Sundials, Soaps, Carves and Curves

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Sundials, Soaps, Carves and Curves

Looking for interesting “finds” at the Farmers Market, flea market, garage sales, rummage sales, ……??


These can be found in many places, sometimes hidden to the unknowing observer, the old time way of keeping time can be traced back to the Egyptian times.

These sundials have been appearing as pieces of Art, decor, and outdoor additions.


There are many soaps: intensity, purposes, and sources are factors that can have meaning to people, buyers, users, etc…

Soaps can be used for scent and beauty, they can also be used as breaking down thick grime.

The intensity, ingredients, and sent might be different for the different purposes.

Carves and Curves

Designs and intricate decor that has wood or other materials that have been whittled, etched, carved, or designed can add a special border.

In some furniture these carves and curves have become “standard” and “expected”.

It is nice to have some special creations, products, tools, Etc, …… like sundials, soaps, carves and curves Within Reach.


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You’re Flipping Outrageous !!

Written on Feb. 29, 2024 Blog Published on March 1, 2024

“You’re Flipping Outrageous !!”

“Making Coins and cents with elbow greese,…”

Trading tokens, making crafts for the farmers markets and garage sales, going to auctions, etc…..

It’s embarrassing that the Gov’t, would be so obsessed with taxing every little cent from genuine people who are just.

Similar to vitamins, the “Regulators” have been attempting to “Dominate” and exhert their regulations and demand Information and Data that is usually private or confidential.


Obviously, there are “Safety” standards, although “Protecting the People’s safety” is usually an excuse for Domination and Demands of Personal and Private information or property, or the inverse of “Denying the Ability” to conduct business.

Safety Standards can be set by many different sources and observed or verified in many ways, it doesn’t have to be dominated or Interfered with by Gov’t Regulators.

Been Doing This For A Longtime

As stated before, “Making Coins and Cents with elbow greese,….”

Should be honored as a normal part of functioning communities, people, neighborhoods.



What can I use to fix it?

March 8, 2023, RePosted April 29, 2024

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I’ve got a Problem, What can I use to fix it?

You’ve got a Problem –

You need some thing  – to open this …..

To move this….or that ….

My _______________ just broke !

I need a tool to fix, correct, restore, tighten, loosen, open,….

To do this job…..

To do this Job, you need these tools…..

If you were living in the year _______

You would use these tools:

To do this or these job(s):

If you were living in the year ________

You would use these tools:

To do this or these job(s):


If you were living in the year ________

These tools would or would not be available:

Power tools:  battery powered

Electricity powered

Tools without battery or electric power:

Hand tools

Carts – pull carts,    wagons,    horse carts

Wheel barrows

Hydrolic tools

Trying Different Materials

March 14, 2024 Thur. Blog

Trying Different Materials

Repairing tools…….when to say when…

When a tool breaks, or a similar happening and the thought is:

–> Replace it, with a new one,….that usually means having to go to the store and buy another tool….

–> Repair it, …..could I fix this ? or should I take it to Shop that fixes things like these,….

When trying to Repair it, you might need to try different and various materials.

Usually a good quality product is originally made with the most appropriate parts and materials.

Although, lower quality products are some times made with materials that could be improved or replaced with better or stronger materials, parts, or products.

Testing the different replacement part can help identify where the problem is, what is happening, and what the best material, part or replacement will work.

Replacing or Repairing can seem like a “mission impossible”, “overwhelming situation”, or “I can do it, ….but now I’m in a mess….”,….


“Take you’re time, but hurry up !”

“Be patient, and “I need it NOW” “

That’s some phrases that come to mind!


Push Tools

January 24, 2024 Blog

Push Tools


“Get that *****out of the way !!”

“Man, that’s a lot of work !!”

Common phrases when there is something in the way that needs to be moved, re-moved,….


Examples are snow, dirt, fallen trees, vehicle accidents, and other road blocks that usually aren’t moving.

Usually, another big tool comes to push the blockage out of the way.  Snow plows have a large metal blade that is attached to the front of a vehicle and is pushed forward and backward by the vehicle to move snow off the driveway.

When and Where

When clearing land and building Construction Projects and buildings, there are vehicles that have large metal blades and large metal sheets with a curved front that are used to move dirt, rocks, trees, and critters out of the way.

Rolling Along

The land clearing vehicle sometimes have large tires for off raid work, they might also have revolving tracks instead of tires that allow the vehicle to move forward and backward.



There are bars that can be attached to the front of safety vehicles and other personal trucks.

These stronger bars attach in front of the trucks front grill and protect the front of the vehicle from being damaged in head on collisions,….

The bars might also allow the vehicle to push another vehicle without damaging the bumper of the vehicle.

Tools that push….

and Pushing tools……

Signs of a modern economy.




Dec. 22, 2023 blog


Big Tools

Got Plans for the New Year…..?

Big jobs, projects, or maybe some firework launching from a platform…..

Lift machines are popular tools for big projects, jobs, and work.

Lift machines can be used indoors and outdoors, they can go straight up and down or at an angle, and they can be raised with hydraulic pressure extensions or turn cranking extensions.

Outdoor Exterior Use

It is easy to see the Lift machines at a Construction site, they usually have large tires that can go off road and have a large bar that extends up at an angle or straight up and down, the bucket at the end of the bar can hold people that are painting, doing siding work, roof work, installing windows, and other work that is higher than what normal ladders can reach.

Lift trucks are also used when a large object would be difficult to carry up or down a ladder.  

For example, installing windows on a second or third level, or delivering drywall sheets that might be difficult moving inside the building.

Interior Use

Lift carts and trucks can be used indoors also.  Some examples are painting high places, ceilings, etc., in Commercial buildings and Event buildings; installing light fixtures, light bulbs, and other technology; fixing leaking roof and ceiling areas, repairing drywall and structure areas; and other reasons to get high.

Hydraulic and Other Supports

Lifts can go up at an angle and extend out, the platform to work in is at the end of the extension.

Other designs use an X design that extends up and down, with the platform on top.

These designs can use hydraulic pressure to extend out and lift heavy weights….

Other designs use a turning rod extension without hydraulic chambers, to lift up and hold heavy weight.

These lift machines are usually expensive or might only be needed once in a while, therefore they can be rented and sometimes delivered by equipment rental companies.

November 21, 2023 Blog Post for

Shopping for Tools

Holiday shopping and gift giving time is here….. Thanksgiving, end of year, Christmas, Holidays, New Year,…..

Stores and manufacturers are usually looking to finish the year with sales of their products, goods, items, ….and tools; therefore, prices are usually lower at this time of year.

Tools are a best seller !!

Home Improvement tools, Home cleaning tools, kitchen, bathroom, and beauty tools…..

So, when shopping for tools,….a cart can help move them around the store and to the payment area to purchase them and then move them out to the car, truck, or…..cart.

New or Used

Another choice, decision, option, question, or opportunity is to get new or used tools.

If the tool is a replacement tool for a tool that can no longer work properly, a new tool is usually a good option.

There are many factors that can be considered when deciding about new or used tool purchasing.

For example:  

  • The amount of money available to the person buying, and if money is a concern or not a concern.
  • The availability of used tools that are of decent quality.
  • The prices of new and prices of used.
  • The use of the tool and the user of the tool(s)…. And their preferences…..
  • If the tool(s) will be used professionally and for their work, job,….


If they will be for a hobby, home,….


If they might not be used very often……

Is it a Racket ?!?

If you’re trying to guess what is in the box……

Some people might say that because the industry requires several different tools and pieces and parts to fix something when it brakes,….

That it is some kind of money making racket….

Oh, an adapter set ! ….Great idea.



Old Tools

Old tools that sit, stand, or are still in there, ….although they have been replaced with a newer version.

Now, the newer version of the tool is usually used, and the other tool that usually was used until it couldn’t be used any more,…. so you Had to get a New one….



Memory Joggers

It might help with refreshing the memory to try using one of those “old tools” that had been being used until it couldn’t be used any more.

I did that , I used a broom to sweep out the floor….the broom was the “old” broom with brissles and a brush that was worn down to just inches.

The Thought

The thought is that, “I had been using this tool…..” and then I was able to buy or get a replacement o new version of the tool.

Using tools that are in bad condition, or worn down, is common practice for people that don’t have enough money to pay for everything that needs to get paid.

Tough Choices

Deciding what or who to pay when there is only a little bit of money available…..makes tough choices.

Especially, when there is someone holding or withholding money that is supposed to be paid to that poor person.


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March 8, 2023

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To trim some branches that are about to fall, the person could use several different ways and means to accomplish the task or job.

Tree trimming and Tree removal professionals can use many tools to do their jobs.

Ways and Means

The different ways to do the job in the example could be:

  1.  Climb the tree with tree spikes, or boot spikes, using a rope(s) for climbing and to secure the branches and guide where they fall.  Cut the branches with a hand saw or chain saw.
  1.  Use ladders to climb next to the tree and use rope(s) to secure the branches with tarps under neath to catch the branches as they fall.

Cut the branches with a gas powered chain-saw.

  1.  Use a hydrolic lift machine to rise up to the branch area, and use a second lift machine to let the branches fall onto, or use a crane to secure the branch and move it once it is cut from the tree.

Cutting the branch with liquid acid or other dis-solving fluid, and a saw.

These are 3 examples of how to accomplish the same task, goal, job.

The ways, means, tools, and methods might be better or worse depending on who is doing the job, or who is managing, paying for, or supervising the job or project.


People can choose how they do and accomplish their jobs.

Living in the current year of the 2,020s A.D. it is influenced by the majority, to use battery and electric powered tools.

Most Home Improvement stores highlight power tool packages with hand drills, saws, sanders, etc.

March 8, 2023 

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Headphones as a tool

Future post about how headphones have been used as tools in business and everyday life.

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