Trying Different Materials

March 14, 2024 Thur. Blog

Trying Different Materials

Repairing tools…….when to say when…

When a tool breaks, or a similar happening and the thought is:

–> Replace it, with a new one,….that usually means having to go to the store and buy another tool….

–> Repair it, …..could I fix this ? or should I take it to Shop that fixes things like these,….

When trying to Repair it, you might need to try different and various materials.

Usually a good quality product is originally made with the most appropriate parts and materials.

Although, lower quality products are some times made with materials that could be improved or replaced with better or stronger materials, parts, or products.

Testing the different replacement part can help identify where the problem is, what is happening, and what the best material, part or replacement will work.

Replacing or Repairing can seem like a “mission impossible”, “overwhelming situation”, or “I can do it, ….but now I’m in a mess….”,….


“Take you’re time, but hurry up !”

“Be patient, and “I need it NOW” “

That’s some phrases that come to mind!


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