Sundials, Soaps, Carves and Curves

Wed. June 19, 2024 blog

Sundials, Soaps, Carves and Curves

Looking for interesting “finds” at the Farmers Market, flea market, garage sales, rummage sales, ……??


These can be found in many places, sometimes hidden to the unknowing observer, the old time way of keeping time can be traced back to the Egyptian times.

These sundials have been appearing as pieces of Art, decor, and outdoor additions.


There are many soaps: intensity, purposes, and sources are factors that can have meaning to people, buyers, users, etc…

Soaps can be used for scent and beauty, they can also be used as breaking down thick grime.

The intensity, ingredients, and sent might be different for the different purposes.

Carves and Curves

Designs and intricate decor that has wood or other materials that have been whittled, etched, carved, or designed can add a special border.

In some furniture these carves and curves have become “standard” and “expected”.

It is nice to have some special creations, products, tools, Etc, …… like sundials, soaps, carves and curves Within Reach.


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