Old Tools

Old tools that sit, stand, or are still in there, ….although they have been replaced with a newer version.

Now, the newer version of the tool is usually used, and the other tool that usually was used until it couldn’t be used any more,…. so you Had to get a New one….



Memory Joggers

It might help with refreshing the memory to try using one of those “old tools” that had been being used until it couldn’t be used any more.

I did that , I used a broom to sweep out the floor….the broom was the “old” broom with brissles and a brush that was worn down to just inches.

The Thought

The thought is that, “I had been using this tool…..” and then I was able to buy or get a replacement o new version of the tool.

Using tools that are in bad condition, or worn down, is common practice for people that don’t have enough money to pay for everything that needs to get paid.

Tough Choices

Deciding what or who to pay when there is only a little bit of money available…..makes tough choices.

Especially, when there is someone holding or withholding money that is supposed to be paid to that poor person.


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