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Big Tools

Got Plans for the New Year…..?

Big jobs, projects, or maybe some firework launching from a platform…..

Lift machines are popular tools for big projects, jobs, and work.

Lift machines can be used indoors and outdoors, they can go straight up and down or at an angle, and they can be raised with hydraulic pressure extensions or turn cranking extensions.

Outdoor Exterior Use

It is easy to see the Lift machines at a Construction site, they usually have large tires that can go off road and have a large bar that extends up at an angle or straight up and down, the bucket at the end of the bar can hold people that are painting, doing siding work, roof work, installing windows, and other work that is higher than what normal ladders can reach.

Lift trucks are also used when a large object would be difficult to carry up or down a ladder.  

For example, installing windows on a second or third level, or delivering drywall sheets that might be difficult moving inside the building.

Interior Use

Lift carts and trucks can be used indoors also.  Some examples are painting high places, ceilings, etc., in Commercial buildings and Event buildings; installing light fixtures, light bulbs, and other technology; fixing leaking roof and ceiling areas, repairing drywall and structure areas; and other reasons to get high.

Hydraulic and Other Supports

Lifts can go up at an angle and extend out, the platform to work in is at the end of the extension.

Other designs use an X design that extends up and down, with the platform on top.

These designs can use hydraulic pressure to extend out and lift heavy weights….

Other designs use a turning rod extension without hydraulic chambers, to lift up and hold heavy weight.

These lift machines are usually expensive or might only be needed once in a while, therefore they can be rented and sometimes delivered by equipment rental companies.

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