March 8, 2023

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To trim some branches that are about to fall, the person could use several different ways and means to accomplish the task or job.

Tree trimming and Tree removal professionals can use many tools to do their jobs.

Ways and Means

The different ways to do the job in the example could be:

  1.  Climb the tree with tree spikes, or boot spikes, using a rope(s) for climbing and to secure the branches and guide where they fall.  Cut the branches with a hand saw or chain saw.
  1.  Use ladders to climb next to the tree and use rope(s) to secure the branches with tarps under neath to catch the branches as they fall.

Cut the branches with a gas powered chain-saw.

  1.  Use a hydrolic lift machine to rise up to the branch area, and use a second lift machine to let the branches fall onto, or use a crane to secure the branch and move it once it is cut from the tree.

Cutting the branch with liquid acid or other dis-solving fluid, and a saw.

These are 3 examples of how to accomplish the same task, goal, job.

The ways, means, tools, and methods might be better or worse depending on who is doing the job, or who is managing, paying for, or supervising the job or project.


People can choose how they do and accomplish their jobs.

Living in the current year of the 2,020s A.D. it is influenced by the majority, to use battery and electric powered tools.

Most Home Improvement stores highlight power tool packages with hand drills, saws, sanders, etc.

March 8, 2023 

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